Even if in Italy the number of workplace accidents continues to be a rather critical issue, many entrepreneurs are increasingly attentive to and aware of safety standards, as are workers who do their best to keep themselves informed on the latest laws and tools that can be used to ensure their safety. This is demonstrated by the search term “occupational safety”, which is entered into search engines in Italy with a high rate of frequency during all months of the year. Less frequent, though always constant, are searches connected to the generic term “safety shoes”, one of the most important PPE devices for those with job duties prone to risk, which must always be in good condition and replaced when eventual wear-and-tear compromises the quality. Which brands of safety shoes inspire the most trust in consumers and consequently are searched for the most online? The answer arrives from SEMrush, SaaS platform for the management of online visibility, which analysed the online searches done in Italy by millions of users between December 2018 and November 2019. By analysing an average of the period in question, every month, an average of 88,471 online searches were connected to producers of safety footwear, with a high point reached in October 2019, when 140,710 searches were done. The brand that seemed to create the most interest was Dike, which was searched for 31,583 times every month, followed by U Power, with 29,617 monthly searches, Diadora Utility, with 9,333, Grisport with 8,967 searches per month and Cofra with 6,900. When analysing the direct traffic on each of the individual footwear manufacturers’ websites, the classification of preferences changes considerably. If we take into consideration the terms typed into search engines, Dike represents almost 36% of the total searches, while in the classification of visits to producers’ websites, we find in a leading position brands that did not appear at all in the previous top 5: Lotto.it, at second place with an average of 47,571 monthly visits. At first place, with a clear lead over all the other brands, is Diadora.com, with 171,579 users visiting it every month, representing around 60.5% of the total searches. The other rankings of the top 5 sites visited see u-power.it in third place, which is one position lower than its ranking in the other classification, with 27,958 monthly visits; dike.work, with its 12,868 visits, which just managed to take fourth place, when before it lead the classification with over one-third of the total searches; and finally, also here in fifth place is Cofra.it with 11,771 monthly visits.