This new footwear, designed for use in workplace environments, guarantees protection and extra-comfort, thanks to the special construction of the sole, which includes an ergonomic insole with padded areas; an active carbon insole that prevents bad smells and is breathable; an insert in ultralight material, which is impact-resistant and 100% recycled; an anti-perforation midplate in composite material matched with a midsole in expanded PU with micro air bubbles that guarantee the lightness of the footwear, and an antistatic, anti-slip, sole resistant to contact with heat. “The new ACTIVE® PRO line came to life in the new product design department that we set up in 2018, an avant-garde department with new testing and analysis laboratories for materials along with a prototype department of over 3000 sqm – comments Graziano Grigolato, President of Grisport and founder of the company together with his brother Mario in the 70’s – It is undoubtedly our crowning achievement. There are very few other realities in this sector that can claim this kind of service that allows for the testing of not only materials eventually used to produce footwear, but also the advanced testing of the finished product, subjecting the footwear to simulations of use, thermal stress, pressure, and extreme torsional stress. From all this, emerges only footwear with the very best performance”.  This important department is part of the new eco-sustainable productive platform inaugurated in April 2018, which joins the historic production facility in Castelcucco in the province of Treviso. The new productive hub was designed by paying special attention to the fragile eco-system in which it was constructed, integrating it as much as possible into this context and following the dictates of eco-sustainable architecture. The additional 15,000 square metres joining the already existing 25,000-square-metres is fruit of meticulous research that has diminished the impact of the large building by partially building it underground and creating a green roof planted with sedum, small succulent plants, which increases thermal insulation and recycles rainwater. This new eco-sustainable structure, which flanks the pre-existing photovoltaic system of panels in Grisport’s historic production plant (of over 7000 sqm), underlines the green spirit that has always distinguished Grisport, which is ever-attentive to reconciling industrial production with environmental sustainability.