The current healthcare emergency has not put a stop to research, and for Miran, it has represented a bona fide challenge launched in the scope of discovering new technical, aesthetical, and functional solutions that can be proposed to historical and new customers alike.

In particular, the latest innovations developed by the company for the new year regard the creation and moulding of anti-shock inserts and shock absorbers capable of optimising shock impacts. These inserts are realised in a customised version for each customer, both in terms of the mounting technology used (insertion in the sole, direct injection onto the sole, boxing in a protective shell) and in terms of choosing the best material to use based on the technical needs and functional features of the finished product.

To design a new shoe and enrich and cover a new model, MIRAN also makes a series of proposals and solutions available:

·         Over-injections directly onto the upper on the support provided by the customer, whether it’s leather or fabric, normal or with waterproof treatment, reproducing any motif or design in a maximum of up to 3 colours;

·         Toecaps and Counter TPU inserts that emphasise sturdiness and resistance to abrasion, available in wide range of flat or pre-shaped models, in a single colour or in a maximum of up to 3 colours, in a series or customisable in accordance with the shape of each mould;

·         Microinjections in rubber or TPU in a maximum of up to 3 colours, with reproduction of company logo or of any graphic motif, capable of satisfying needs of product personalisation.

·         Eyelets and drawcords in nylon, rubber, or TPU, in accordance with different technical needs, to provide a touch of colour and enrich the footwear;

·         For safety footwear, a wide range of technical accessories is available in the catalogue, including shanks, systems for unfastening, toecap coverings, etc.…

·         In a scope of maximising comfort, on offer are removable insoles in PU and in PU with gel, made from different compounds with cushioning effect, or with greater carrying capacity, or self-shaping, and matched with different supports and customisable with different printing techniques.

All MIRAN products are entirely Made in Italy and manufactured in the company’s production facilities in Barletta. A choice, which over time, has led the company to enjoy a series of advantages in terms of organisation, logistics, flexibility, production times, and economic benefits, thereby allowing it to maintain its leadership on the market.