Proving the pandemic hasn’t slowed the progress of its product Research & development team, Texon will be taking a series of new and re-worked products to A+A 2021 –, focusing on the possibilità to balance protection and comfort in safety footwear and apparel applications.

An example is the recently launched ProWeave jacquard weaving technology. Produced on a jacquard loom, which can interlace hundreds of warp threads or move a single wrap yarn independently, ProWeave is stronger and more resilient than materials made from traditional weaving techniques. A plus, this one, that is particularly important also in the safety market, where ProWeave can be engineered to create shoe uppers and garments that are robust and waterproof, but also breathable and comfortable. Using ProWeave, footwear manufacturers can make uppers, with different unique, multi-directional elasticity, tenacity, abrasion resistance and reinforcement zones. Available in natural or recycled polyester (RPET) variants, ProWeave can be integrated with the latest thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) technologies to give a further boost to abrasion resistance and tear and tensile strength.

Attendees at A+A will also be able to find out more about a series of new anti-penetration textile insoles – all of which are non-metallic; certified to EN ISO 22568:2021 Part 4; and provide protection against nail grade PL (4.5mm) and PS (3.0mm):

– TEXON ENIGMA ZERO HT3: anti-penetration textile insole available in insulating and conductive options and made from 100% polyester HT.

– TEXON ENIGMA ZERO HT GREEN is made with 60% recycled polyester and is also available in insulating and conductive formats.

– TEXON ENIGMA ZERO T427 is a new generation textile insole, made with polyester HT and aramid fibers, which is lighter and stronger than previous Enigma materials. 

– TEXON ENIGMA ZERO T527, which like T427, is made from polyester HT and aramid fibers – making it stronger and lighter – but is also thinner than standard Enigma materials.

Among the new proposals we also mention:

– TEXON NO-TEAR Series – A new generation of chainsaw resistant fabrics that offer complete protection in both safety boots and clothing. Made with multilayers of polyester HT and aramid fibers, these materials reach the standard EN ISO 17249: 2014 Lev. 1-2-3.

– T-NOVA Series – A range of new generation membranes that are lightweight, waterproof and breathable. Designed for use in safety boots, outdoor, active sport and functional footwear, T-NOVA products are made from multiple layers that are soft to touch and offer high levels of comfort, but are also abrasion resistant.