For over 30 years, Panther has been producing safety and occupational injected footwear, which not only protects the feet from accidents, but also respects the morphology and physiology of the feet, providing relief from daily work fatigue, in addition to offering a sophisticated design that is beautiful to wear. It is present on the market with two brands: Panther, for professionals and the most specialized and extreme sectors; and the brand Aboutblu, where design meets the most advanced technologies for an across-the-board target. Over the last 5 years, the company from Bovolenta (PD) has increased its revenue by 50%, with extensive distribution around the world, and 2 production sites in Italy with partner factories in Bosnia and Romania. In September 2019, Panther Albania sh.p.k. was founded for the production of uppers. Constant research onto increasingly sophisticated technologies and state-of-the-art materials has led the company to develop the new Safe Knit line with Anatomical Shape, where standing out in particular is the Le Mans Top S3 ESD SRC DGUV 112-191. Unlike removable insoles, the anatomical shape remains unaltered for the entire lifetime of the shoe, while also guaranteeing maximum comfort. Le Mans Top also includes a polyester fabric upper with jacquard workmanship, which is not only resistant to cutting, abrasion, and tearing, but is also snag-free, waterproof, and breathable, with rapid ATOP fastening system. The Power Cap toe-cap in multi-layered fiberglass and rubber particulate, with the ability to absorb impacts up to 200 joules, is metal-free and athermic, helping to maintain a constant body temperature. This allows for complete safety even at extreme temperatures, both above and below zero, allowing for better thermal insulation than traditional aluminium or steel toe-caps. The model is fitted with an ABS COMPOSHANK anti-torsion system that improves stability on ladders, where foot support is not complete; and SILVER STRIP DISCHARGE (SSD), an antistatic device that guarantees a level of safety superior to standard devices, while increasing the electrostatic discharge capability for the entire lifetime of the shoe.