For over 60 years, the company from S. Angelo di Piove, in the province of Padua, ‘works with its feet’ in the most literal sense of the word to guarantee maximum safety, health, and comfort to even the most demanding users. In fact, since 1958, the company founded by Elio Zago skilfully blends the ability of expert hands with the most advanced moulding technologies for the footwear industry, positioning itself as one of the leading international realities of reference in the creation of direct injection moulds for trekking, casual, athletic, and above all safety footwear.  Zago Moulds Solutions dedicates special attention to the footwear of all those men and women who every day patrol the highest risk areas worldwide – the Departments of Defence, Military, and Police – with the aim of instilling that feeling of professional confidence, which is essential in high-risk jobs. In over half a century of uninterrupted production activity, Zago Moulds Solutions has designed and manufactured moulds of the highest quality for the most elite European armed forces and for different patrol and immediate response units, who must face the most adverse conditions, while always respecting sector safety standards, and quite often exceeding them. Accordingly, it has managed to always stay one step ahead of the competition in guaranteeing safety, health, and maximum comfort in the most extreme conditions.

Going more in to detail, today, the company is capable of offering six different kinds of moulds:

§  SAFETY         | Workplace

§  TREKKING   | Uneven Ground

§  CASUAL       | Everyday Walk

§  OUTDOOR  |  Outdoor Sport

§  MILITARY    |  Tactical situation

§  BOOT           |  Thermo-Grip Environment

Zago Moulds Solutions continues to remain true to the dream of its founder, Elio Zago, offering high quality moulds, tested with the highest performance PU, RUBBER-PU; RUBBER-RUBBER and TPU-PU direct injection machines, because excellence is not just a way of being, but is also a way of doing.