Those companies that take their inspiration from nature to design and produce work objects is nothing new today. What is new is the creation of a product that brings the evolution of a natural grip together with an evolved level of comfort in footwear, through the HKS Barefoot project.

APEGO had the privilege of being an active and central part of this development, thanks to its pro-active collaboration with HKS. All of its passion and expertise is aimed at transforming inspiration into reality with the support of its very best know-how.

The project is in fact based on footwear created in the spirit of a ‘barefoot feeling’, almost as if you could feel the ground beneath your feet while walking barefoot. At the same time, your feet are well-protected and energized by this atypical safety footwear, which one would not expect from the world of safety wear. It has in fact been created using state-of-the-art technologies, in terms of components and injection materials, which are then transformed into production with APEGO’s absolute best MOLDMAKING technology, making this footwear one-of-a-kind.