Since 1982, the company with its headquarters in Bovolenta (PD) has been among the realities of reference in the field of safety footwear and occupational injected footwear, which is especially appreciated not only because it protects the feet from injury, but also because it respects their morphology and physiology, providing relief from daily work fatigue, in addition to offering a sophisticated design suited also to leisure time.

The company is present on the market with two brands: Panther, dedicated to professionals and the most specialised and extreme sectors; and Aboutblu, where design meets the most advanced technologies for an across-the-board target.

In terms of new proposals, Panther proposes in particular the ANATOMIC CONCRETE series, dedicated to the construction industry and other related industries, with the leading model BALTEUS TOP. In addition to its anatomical shape, which remains inalterable for the entire lifetime of the shoe, while guaranteeing excellent support to the foot, Balteus Top is characterised by a lightweight POWER CAP toecap, which is heat-proof, METAL-FREE, and made from fiberglass; and a breathable soft leather upper with ATOP quick closure system, for long-lasting comfort.

Completing this footwear is COMPOSHANK technology, which improves stability on surfaces where foot support is not complete, like ladders, and SILVER STRIP DISCHARGE (SSD), an anti-static device that guarantees electrostatic discharge capacity for the entire lifetime of the shoe.

Panther has 2 production facilities in Italy with partner factories in Bosnia and Romania, in addition to an upper production facility, Panther Albania sh.p.k.. Cutting-edge with its research onto increasingly sophisticated technologies and state-of-the-art materials, Panther is also a reality attentive to ethics and environmental responsibility, which is guaranteed by multiple certifications and its compliance with current European and non-European legislation.