It’s known as BYPell and it is the perfect solution for safety footwear producers also looking to respect the environment. Made from leather discards combined with synthetic fibres, ByPell satisfies the four “R’s” of sustainability: recycled, regenerated, recovered and re-wrapped. Available in 140cm high rolls; its technical features fully satisfy the needs of safety footwear for both the upper and inner lining. It is PU DMF-ZERO coated with a genuine leather content superior to 55%. Lightweight, resistant, and sustainable, ByPell has unique features that project it into the future.

In addition to this innovation, EMM is a market leader with a series of 3D fabrics which, thanks to its partnership with one of the main Chinese producers of fabrics, Air Mesh, allows it to have a warehouse with over 100,000 metres of 3D fabrics in 12 different colours available for immediate delivery, with the possibility of combining them in accordance with customer needs.  

EMM – Eredi Maria Mezzabotta first got its start after the end of World War II when founders Maria and Albino opened a workshop for finishing and Blake stitching in Monte San Giusto. The growing industrialisation of the district eventually led the company to specialise itself in the resale of materials for the production of shoes and leathers goods, becoming a point of reference for local artisans. In 2004, the company established itself in its current headquarters, becoming more competitive by importing the synthetic materials, technical fabrics, and all the other products needed for the world of footwear. The materials are bonded with a HotMelt PUR system, resulting in the creation of the high quality products most in demand by the safety sector.