The theme of environmental sustainability, today at the centre of a debate also for the world of occupational safety, is not new to Cofra, a manufacturer of safety footwear on the market since 1938: by imagining a more virtuous and competitive economic system, where ethics and economy go hand-in-hand, over the years, the company began developing activities and initiatives in support of the environment. With the understanding that the regeneration of raw material discards represents one of the best practices in terms of environmental sustainability, Cofra decided to invest in energies and resources for the development of a polyurethane material derived from scraps generated during the production of its soles, thus avoiding that a material with extremely slow rates of biodegradation ended up in the landfill.  Accordingly, from the research of COFRA’s laboratories arrives Poly-Green, a material made up by virgin polyurethane and recycled polyurethane appropriately dosed and blended to guarantee a perfect balance between energy impact absorption and lift. Poly-Green is used for the insert of soles in the heel areas and in the ECO-TECH insole, with properties that are anatomical, anti-static, pierced, scented, soft and comfortable.  The upper of the Reconverted S1P SRC model is also made from eco-sustainable jacquard fabric obtained from 100% PET yarn that satisfies the requirements of Global Recycle Standard (GRS). There is then state-of-the-art Hot Melt bonding, representing the most innovative answer to fabric bonding in terms of efficiency and environmental respect, thanks to a complete absence of solvents, which makes the process eco-compatible. The upper of each pair is obtained from the recycling of nine 50 cl. plastic bottles. The bottles, after having been collected and subjected to washing and grinding, are transformed into chips, and then pellets. The pellets are then extruded and spun into yarn. The yarn becomes 100% recycled PET fabric. Always with an eye to sustainability, even the laces are made from 100% recycled yarn coming from post-consumer plastic bottles collected in Italy. Likewise, the labels used on the tongue and flag labels are 100% made from yarn recycled from plastic bottles, as is the packaging, which is completely made from recycled paper and cardboard.