Studio Auriga continues along its pathway of technical excellence and creativity, presenting four innovative technologies for industrial embroidery that offer a wide range of possibilities for customisation destined also for the safety industry.
The multi-head Tajima TMARC-KC is a new version of the tubular machine for embroidery, which, thanks to different frames, allows for the personalisation of different kinds of apparel and accessories. Its electronics have been completely renewed with a device that allows for the digital control of the presser foot that can be set to the thickness of the fabric, allowing not only for perfect finishes even with thick and soft-twisted threads, but also for the embroidery of yarns and threads and the creation of special decorations with 3D effects.
The single-head Tajima TMBR is a next-generation embroidery machine, which occupies less space than other machines, with a cube-shaped and low-noise design that can also be used in places in close contact with the public. It is fitted with 15-18 needles/colours, an embroidery space of 360x500mm, which can be extended to 360x1200mm with an X-Extension table, a memory that can store up to 2 million stitches, LED lamps that light up the embroidery area, a vertical laser for centring garments, a centring function on striped garments, a Picker Free trimming system, and Autograph software for embroidery personalization. Its greatest advantage is its ease of use and streamlined operation: the designs can be sent to the machine through a network or USB key.
The single-head Tajima Sai exclusively designed by the Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita is the first compact embroidery machine of Tajima. Lightweight and modern, easy to clean and move, it can also be used in a store or in showrooms that are in direct contact with the public. With cutting-edge equipment, it allows threads of up to 8 colours to be used for up to 800 stitches per minute, easily creating high-quality embroideries. Once again, it is possible to transfer the design via the network or through a USB key, with the possibility of directly modifying lettering on the operation panel or by simply connecting the machine to a computer. Completing its features are a Touch Panel, which is easy to use even for those new to the art of embroidery.
The last proposal of Studio Auriga is the Laser Plotter GMI series PLTCAM for cutting crests and labels without cut marks of reference, using a system of optical recognition that is capable of automatically correcting cuts even if the elements being processed are warped or facing the wrong direction.