Some of the most important innovations in the 2020 footwear collection sees the brand propose the Run Net Airbox model, where the patented Net Breathing System™ of Geox’s in-house research and development laboratories, has been given maximum expression thanks to the development of a new Diadora technology. The special GEOX membrane – made from a microporous material capable of absorbing sweat in a water vapour form and expelling it – has been joined by the lateral perfing of Diadora, which ensures maximum breathability for the foot in complete harmony with the protective elements making up the shoe. Run Net Airbox is proposed in textile and leather versions, and in a mid or low-top model, in different colours with S1P and S3 certifications. The top of the range is represented by Run Net Airbox Matryx – featuring upper technology that capably offers resistance to abrasion, alongside a never-before-seen lightness and avant-garde design.

The Glove family is also enriched by a new product: Glove MDS Matryx, the evolution of the Glove model with Mass Damper sole, resulting from Diadora exclusive technology, with a Matryx upper. Mass Damper is the cushioning technology applied to the sole that returns the energy absorbed during the foot’s movement. It is comprised by a midsole in extremely low-density state-of-the-art polyurethane, which is very comfortable to wear. A TPU film covers the compound to maintain the stability of the material, offering a performance guaranteed over time. Thanks to Matryx technology and the new Mass Damper compound, Glove MDS Matryx is the lightest footwear in the 2020 catalogue.

Brand new to the Utility line of footwear is Crew, an occupational model with a sporty design, inspired by a running shoe from the brand’s archives. Certified in accordance with OB EN347 standards, it features a SRC slip-resistant tread, guaranteeing cushioning, lightness, and comfort combined with a unique and sophisticated design. Available in two versions, Crew Micro, in the colours full black or full white, or Crew Micromesh in four colour variants of lifestyle inspiration, the line is suited to all professions requiring an occupational shoe with a high anti-slip coefficient that does not require a crush resistant toe-cap.

Run Net Airbox Matrix