Aprilia once again chose Diadora Utility to guarantee maximum safety for its technical team, with its mechanics working at the San Marino Grand Prix wearing RUN NET AIRBOX MATRYX LOW S1P SRC, which is fruit of constant research aimed at guaranteeing technological excellence, even in the worst weather conditions, offering maximum comfort, resistance, and breathability. RUN NET AIRBOX MATRYX is a S1 low-top safety shoe in Matryx multifibre technical fabric, which is breathable and anti-abrasion, with a lateral Net Breathing System by Geox. The shoe has an aluminum toecap, Nylon anti-abrasion and ultra-breathable lining, and removable breathable footbed with active carbons. The midsole is made from D-Light polyethylene foam with Mass Damper insert. The sole, in compact PU, is also anti-abrasion.