On the occasion of A+A, the brand presents various innovations to the work & safety world that combine technology and innovation. The first, Vibram Ecostep Pro, underlines Vibram’s commitment to a more sustainable approach and is the evolution of the pioneering eco-compound launched by the company in 1994, now proposed in a version optimised for the needs of the accident prevention market. Ecostep Pro is made with a minimum of 30% recycled rubber, coming from sole production waste, and the compound is antistatic and designed to ensure good grip performance on wet and oily surfaces and resistance to wear.

Vibram Traction Lug, instead, is specifically designed for rubber studs in order to increase traction. The conformation of the dowels, as well as their specific position on the tread, contributes in an important way to emphasise the performance of the compounds and technologies. In fact, thanks to the study of advanced moulding techniques made by the Vibram labs, it has been possible to create an innovative dowel design, in which the three-dimensionality is enriched by specific grooves and small rubber inserts arranged along the side walls.

Last but not least, we recall that Vibram Vi-Lite Pro, inspired by the lightness and comfort of the Vibram Vi-Lite compound already highly appreciated in the lifestyle world, has now been adapted to the needs of workers, in order to offer an innovative combination of comfort and lightness with the grip and the reliability of the most advanced Vibram soles. A truly innovative sole solution, designed to specifically meet the European standards for safety footwear: it is antistatic and EN/ISO 20345-7 approved for anti-slip resistance on oily and wet surfaces.