With a long experience in the field of chemicals and an in-depth knowledge of the problems related to the footwear sector, ESSEBI remains one of the most qualified companies in the field of thermoplastic adhesives.
Founded in 1975 by Vincenzo Sormani and Mario Borri, since 2010 the ESSEBI company has been entirely owned by the Sormani family, first and second generation. With headquarters in Vigevano and production facility in Solbiate Olona (Varese), the company currently employs about twenty people, exports to about 100 countries worldwide and specialises in the production of polyester and polyamide based thermoplastic rods for the footwear and leather goods sector.
As for the product range, ESSEBI offers solutions for any type of shoe, from children’s footwear  to the top of the range men’s and women’s footwear, up to safety footwear with different gluing characteristics.
Among the polyester rods used for the toe of the shoe, the ESSEBI catalogue includes, for example, a thermoplastic for high quality footwear, a very soft and flexible rod; other grades, instead, are used primarily for safety footwear, where priority is given to the production speed. Among the polyamide rods, instead, the company offers a standard product, used for side and seat lasting, while a specific high-performing product has been developed for the new generation machines equipped with tracers.