X-ROAD is the new expression of the Exena philosophy, which aims to create a technical product that is also trendy at the same time. Inspired by the world of tires for auto racing, the new line has been in fact studied to guarantee high standards of quality, safety, and comfort, while at the same time satisfying a demand for aesthetics and fashion in a practical product. This is made possible thanks to eye-catching colours, an attractive design, lightweight and high performance materials, and painstaking attention to details, so that the models are comparable with the collections of sportswear brands, while at the same time claiming patents and certifications that guarantee the highest performance. The new neon outsoles of the X-ROAD models are made with a high-density blend capable of guaranteeing a high level of stability and resistance to wear-and-tear. The wide sole of the shoes ensures a broad area of support and comfort, while a special anti-shock insole, with three layers in different densities, allows for a fit that is at the height of comfort in the sector of safety shoes. The wide fit matched with the soft support of the insole in fact improves circulation and blood flow, conveying a feeling of well-being for the entire workday. The safety toe-cap is in aluminium and allows the shoe to be more lightweight with a fashionable design that is in line with the most cutting-edge sneakers. Innovation, experimentation, and research come together to give life to new X-ROAD shoes: the liveliness of the colours releases energy, while the stylish look of the outsole creates dynamism, bringing to mind the concept of racing tires, which have been conceived to offer the very best performance, just like these state-of-the-art shoes. The line includes six different colour variants and follows the latest fashion trends, making the sturdy materials and special microfiber fabrics extra-glam. Some models of the range are also waterproof. Once again, the products of Exena are aimed not only at professionals working directly in the field, but also at specialised technicians, offering the possibility of going from the workplace to leisure time without having to change shoes. A change that meets the needs of modern workers, who want their work shoes to have a trendy look. Founded in 1998, today, Exena is a business of reference in the safety footwear industry in more than 60 countries for over 1,600,000 pairs sold per year, with a turnover in 2017 equal to 27 million euros. 70% of the company’s turnover is generated by men’s footwear, while 30% is accounted for by women’s (a segment that is growing), while distribution is divided between 40% in Italy, 50% in EU countries, and 10% in non-EU countries. The company also has an extensive range of items available in stock and ready for immediate shipment: over 180,000 pairs, for rapid and immediate distribution.