The company from Arnedo (La Rioja) presents its new line of waterproof and breathable boots and shoes designed for working in complete comfort even in the worst and most extreme climatic conditions of cold, rain, and snow. This footwear from the Gore-Tex line is in fact designed to keep the foot dry and protected, while guaranteeing long-lasting water resistance, high breathability, and optimal climate control inside the shoe, thanks to a GoreTex microporous membrane with millions of pores per square centimetre, the dimensions of which – smaller than a drop of water and larger than a vapour molecule – prevent penetration by water and moisture, while allowing the foot to breathe at the same time. Sweat can accordingly evaporate, while keeping the feet drier, and the fast-dry fabric guarantees that the feet are warm and comfortable. The tested quality of these shoes allows for long use, thereby cutting back on the expenses of the company, while also reducing the number of occupational illnesses and accidents that occur on the job.

The Gore-Tex line includes the Top Line and Comfort Line range, in accordance with the degree of protection required in every job situation. The Top range includes models that incorporate an anti-perforation insole and ultralight safety Vincap toecap. Instead, the Comfort line identifies the models that do not require this kind of extra-protection, while offering maximum protection only from water and cold temperatures. The entire Gore-Tex line is made of waterproof leather, which contributes to the waterproof features of this footwear. It also has antistatic properties, an ergonomic design that allows energy to be absorbed into the heel area, and a tread designed to avoid slipping, while insulating from heat and cold, and even helping to prevent muscle fatigue.