For over 40 years, Jolly® footwear has been on the feet of officers working for Local Police Forces, the Ministry of Internal Affairs – the National Firefighter Corp and the State Police, as well as on the feet of Emergency Service personnel and those working for multi-utility companies. Jolly® is a leader also in Europe, supplying various Firefighter, Police, and Military Departments. It is exactly by working side-by-side with those who dedicate their lives to the protection and safety of citizens that has led to the development of a new work boot for Firefighters, which is an evolution of the Rino mountain model. It is a boot specially designed for use on steep inclines, the kind of terrain often faced by firefighters when fighting forest fires. In fact, the rubber sole of this boot is fitted with special grooves in the tread that are capable of guaranteeing a strong grip and stability even on uneven terrain. The Crosstech lining guarantees maximum protection also from pathogenic agents (like for example blood), while the upper in crust is easy to clean and resistant to scratches and wear-and-tear, with wrap-around fastenings ensuring stability around the ankles. Lightness is ensured by the meticulous design, the structure of the sole and the use of a composite toe-cap. Last, but not least, this HI3 heat insulation certified footwear can withstand up to 250 degrees and is especially suited to Western Europe markets located near the Mediterranean Sea, which are the areas most subject to frequent forest fires. A product that once again confirms the mission of Jolly Scarpe® to create a perfect combination between complete respect for safety standards and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, thanks to continuous investments in research and development and partnerships with companies proposing highly technological materials.

Walter Gaudieri, Sales Manager