Fine-tuning it is the Cofra Research and Development team, always in search of the most advanced solutions in guaranteeing the comfort of workers, starting from the study of the arch of the foot, which is different in each one of us, and subject to stress and noticeable deformation when walking. For this reason, three different inserts made from special self-shaping material were inserted into the polyurethane/TPU sole and positioned next to three points of metatarsal and heel support for the foot, which adapt to the weight distribution of each individual user, absorbing the different percentages of weight load, while conveying a personalised feeling of well-being, above all during prolonged use.

The midsole is also lighter and more comfortable, thanks to the innovative compound directly developed by the COFRA Laboratories (PU Lightest). At the same time, the wide surface of the tread favours optimum stability, thanks also to the lateral cleats characterised by a ‘sawtooth’ design. Finally, traction and flexibility are guaranteed by small central cleats, which also offer excellent draining and self-cleaning properties.

The line is fitted with a conductive brand new anti-perforation insole in fabric-non-fabric, which is almost entirely recycled and softer, more flexible, and 55% lighter than any other anti-perforation fabric device, thanks to its construction and the nature of the materials making it up. Its honeycomb weave offers never-before-seen levels of thermal insultation, while complying with the requirements of the “Foot and leg protectors” UNI EN 12568:2010 safety standard.

The nonmagnetic fibreglass toecap has reduced thickness in the toes and excellent mechanical properties of resistance to electrostatic discharges and impulses. It also offers thermal insulation and is lighter weight, only 60 grams compared to the 90 grams of steel toecaps.

To guarantee even greater comfort, it was developed with an insole made from polyurethane foam capable of satisfying different walking needs. The extremely low hardness of the material conveys a “cushioning effect”, without compromising on the perfect posture of the user in all phases of walking and flexing. The preformed line guarantees correct support throughout the entire workday, in every support point of the foot.

Fitness, which is rich in products from the sports line and made from cutting-edge materials, includes the DANCING S3 SRC model in multifibre waterproof and breathable fabric where the weave of the fabric with a translucent TPE thread conveys a bright and luminous look to the footwear.

Instead, the AIRBOARD REFLEX S1P SRC model is made with an innovative fabric upper, which is reflective, breathable, and takes on a completely different colour in the dark from the black version when it reflects the light.

Included in the collection are also three models made from eco-friendly fabric, like KARMA YELLOW ESD S3 SRC, with 60% PET recycled ecological upper, which is waterproof and available in a grey version and in a grey ankle-high version.