For over 45 years, we have been making soles for some of the world’s leading footwear brands: “We push the limits of materials and technology, to make our partners’ dreams come true”, points out the company.
In this context of continuous research and development of innovative solutions, Floatactiv represents the new cushioning system for high-performance and ultra-comfortable footwear. A new technology whose mission is to achieve levels of excellence in terms of comfort combined with performance and lightness, through flexibility.

The system, whose performance has been tested by Inescop, can be applied to different types of footwear. From the most performing ones, perfect for the workplace and which preferably use thermoplastic materials, to rubber or EVA models more suitable for everyday life. In the case of TPU intended for safety shoes, the Flotactiv system ensures 15% more energy absorption, combined with greater return thrust and excellent bottom flexibility.

A flexibility ensured and promoted by the particular lamellar system that makes up the soul of Flotactiv: the lack of connection between the individual wavy parts of this technology, allow each single independent peduncle to adapt perfectly and with more precision to the sole of the foot, ensuring a shock absorption due to a much more precise and accurate impact on the ground, and therefore comfortable and healthy.