Expoprotection had to cancel the November 2020 appointment with the security industry: what will be the next events and what will be their content?

“Regarding the Health & Safety at Work area of Expoprotection the next dates will be November 2022. We will have a 2021 session but only dedicated to the Security and Fire sections of Expoprotection”.


In 2021, Expoprotection will be held one month before the appointment with A + A: aren’t you afraid this might disrupt participation in the events?

“No, as mentioned above, Expoprotection Security 2021 will not be focusing on the same topics as A+A. So no competition”.


Meanwhile, what feedback are you getting from the security market in this complex situation caused by the pandemic?

“Obviously the feedback is diverse since Expoprotection covers a wide range of specific segments of risk prevention and management. Some of our exhibitors have even managed to grow their business since they are supplying equipment for health protection like masks, goggles, gloves, air treatment devices, etc… And we also have seen numerous innovative products being developed in order to help organisations better prevent contamination and protect their employees and visitors. Nevertheless, the majority of companies is obviously suffering from the global economic impact of the crisis and the downturn faced in many segments of the economy including building, industry, local communities where safety investments may be postponed or reduced whenever possible. As a result, I can see many companies facing cash shortage. At the same time, they are clearly looking for powerful means to get in contact with potential clients: this is why more than 70% of our 2020 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation to Expoprotection Security 2021 and Expoprotection 2022”.


How are you maintaining the relationship with your public in this period?

“It is clear that, following the cancellation of so many trade shows in 2021, we have seen numerous digital initiatives flourish on the internet, motivated by a sense of urgency and the idea of « maintaining the relationship » with the audience. But it ended up rapidly with a kind of saturation and the results are not always there in terms of audience numbers and engagement. We rather think that, if digital is undoubtedly a clear priority (but it already was before the Covid crisis) we need to focus on clear value added propositions. This is what we will try to stick to, starting in 2021. In the meantime, we are still in permanent touch with the 50,000 readers of our weekly newsletters, issued by Infoprotection, our permanent news platform”.