What effects has the advent of the pandemic had on the security sector? 

COVID-19 will require all companies to put some thoughts in the way they do business to protect employees and to maintain operations. Therefore, solid prevention and protections plans are more important than ever. Companies of the security sector notice a great demand for plans and concepts and they will have a valuable role to play when we all return to work. In addition, the need for IT security concepts has of course increased since more and more employees are working from home. Nevertheless, the situation in the companies of the safety and security sector is quite heterogeneous. Manufacturers of articles that are in particularly high demand during the pandemic period are looking positively on the current financial year. Other companies, on the other hand, are reporting a challenging business situation.

Has the increased attention to health and hygiene had positive repercussions on the safety sector? What are the areas of safety in greater development?

Due to the corona pandemia the awareness of personal protective equipment has obviously increased. PPE manufacturers are seeing a major demand for products related to COVID-19 – such as disposable masks but also eye and head protection for example safety helmets that can integrate with spectacles and visors. But also barriers and cones to mark and keep the physical distance have been requested. Many companies have increased their manufacturing capabilities globally and introduced new products into their range.

After the cancellation or the postponement of the dates of various safety fairs, what does the safety fair panorama look like today? What role do you think security fairs should play today?

 The safety and security fairs, just like other fairs, will find a way to deal with the current situation. However, COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of correct and appropriate PPE, not only in our everyday lives, but also in the workplace. Furthermore, we see how important targeted investments and concepts are to increase everyone‘s safety at work and to be able to continue operating throughout lockdowns and crisis situations. Safety will be even more prominent within the workplace. Furthermore, the increase of remote work has accelerated the digitalization of labor, but on the other hand, the way of working itself and the psychological stress on the employees has changed as well.  In this context, safety and security trade fairs and especially A+A play an increasingly important role. We offer manufacturers the opportunity to network with each other, but also with authorities and institutions and above all to present themselves to top decision-makers. International networking will be more and more important to react very quickly and specifically to local and international requirements.

How are you organizing for the next edition of your event?

Exhibitors can apply for A+A 2021 as of May and we are more than satisfied with the number of registrations so far. We will be planning the live event under consideration of the existing situation and regulations like distancing rules. Messe Düsseldorf is closely monitoring current developments and is in direct contact with authorities. Of course, none of us can foresee the development, which makes planning more difficult and different than before. Messe Düsseldorf has worked out a hygiene and infection protection concept based on the current Corona Protection Ordinance of the federal state of NRW with a view to above all ensuring observance of amongst others the required health precautions, hygiene measures and distancing rules at all forthcoming events at the homebase Düsseldorf. This includes both measures for headcount and space management as well as hygiene, technical and organisational measures provided by the federal state government for holding congresses and trade fairs. The hygiene and infection protection standards are constantly adapted to future developments and changing legal requirements. Messe Düsseldorf staff and security personnel will ensure that these measures are observed. Only recently, Messe Düsseldorf has proven with CARAVAN SALON that successful and safe trade fairs can be held and organised even under corona conditions.