In light of the new Prime Ministerial Decree, which for now will suspend all trade fair events, will you cancel the fair in December? If so, for when will you reschedule it and what will its contents be?

“Following the Prime Ministerial Decree of 25 October, and in virtue of the epidemiological context we are now once again facing, unfortunately we do not have the right conditions needed to hold a trade fair event. Ambiente Lavoro will be held only in an online version, on the same dates, from 1 to 3 December.

Our aim is to ensure our public does not have to miss out on the chance to interact with one another and exchange information, which Ambiente Lavoro has always guaranteed to members of the trade. Now, more than ever before in the past, we believe that information and training for on-the-job safety are essential elements”.


In this complex moment affected by the pandemic, what is the feedback you are receiving from the safety market?

“The general climate of concern during this extremely delicate phase we are going through is an element that we find among sector companies and members of the trade. Prevailing, however, over this shared concern is the awareness that we can get out of this extremely tight spot thanks to the solutions offered by the productive segment and the expertise of sector professionals. For those working in the field of preventing occupational injuries and illnesses, this moment, even in its exceptionality, is not completely foreign to their daily activities. Using individual expertise to the maximum extent possible to ensure no one gets sick or even dies on the job is part of the DNA with which Ambiente Lavoro has always felt at home. Today, this attitude is joined by the awareness that it is also through the work of these individuals that our country will be able to withstand a crisis like this one, which is both healthcare and economically-related at the same time”.


While awaiting the next physical edition of the event, through which channels do you think you will continue to interact with your public?

We consider the online version of the event as a reinforcement of the digital activities that have always accompanied Ambiente Lavoro.

With this in mind, we will allow the digital version of the fair to remain active also in the weeks following the live event, scheduled from 1 to 3 December.

This will allow the contents of the event, in terms of both educational initiatives and products and services presented by sponsors, to remain available to all those who use Ambiente Lavoro as a tool for gathering information and professional updating.