SPAC, with its Vegam division, thanks to the support of a new in-house graphic department and new ecological printers, is capable of exalting design and creative ideas, creating uppers that are always new and different, as well as perfectly in sync with the emotional aspect of the graphic art requested. Graphic art that the company is capable of proposing to its own customers also thanks to a product-portfolio that includes fabrics, non-woven fabrics, expanded foams, membranes, extruded TPU, coated materials and microfibre. All of which can be mixed and matched together in the most diverse ways.

The final product accordingly acquires a new added value in terms of:

– FLEXIBILITY. Through colour variants, graphic art motifs, specific cuts and outlines that no longer represent a limit during the moment of realisation.

– SUPPORT AND THE SHARING OF EXPERTISE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF THE PROJECT. Both in the phase of sampling as well as in that of industrialization through careful consideration of the product in question aimed at optimizing the fabric. 

– MODERATE QUANTITIES. Only what is genuinely needed is produced, thus avoiding excesses in production. 

– QUALITY AND DURABILITY OVER TIME, in line with current standards.
There are then the possibilities offered by recycled and upcycled materials, obtained from pre- and post-consumer supply chains, in polyamide or polyester, with which it is possible to create GREEN materials that are suited to the production of almost all parts of the shoe: from the upper to the heel collar, from the tongue to the insole.

SPAC Spa / VEGAM also continues its collaboration with the Swiss brand AB H BRUNNER, with the product LIBA® Smart offering excellent properties of resistance to abrasion. Thanks to its high performance, this TPU is perfect for safety footwear, trekking shoes, special gloves, and bags, but since it is also extremely versatile, lightweight and flexible, it can even be used in other commodity-related sectors. Finally, there is the possibility of personalising it with high frequency serigraphy.