What idea led to the founding of Zago?

At its origins, in 1958, the company manufactured moulds for automated glass bottle blowing machines. This was the epic of glass melted in ovens, and it was a great challenge that we faced and won. Then, in the 60’s, we understood that we could take the expertise acquired in the innovative sector of automation and apply it to footwear production. We started from TR-PVC soles, and then proceeded with PU direct injection onto the upper. Today, our customers continue to trust in our company, because we share two key concepts inspiring the production of our moulds with them: flexibility and meticulousness.

Which are your leading products and why?

At a distance of more than 60 years, from one end, the leading products of Zago are injection moulds for RUBBER-PU compound materials characterised by resistance to abrasion and lightness, which are especially suited to the footwear worn by law enforcement and the armed forces, as well as trekking footwear. From the other end, there are injection moulds for TPU-PU compound materials destined for footwear with multitoned soles, which are characterised by flexibility, good resistance to abrasion, and lightness. Finally, we offer injection moulds for PU-PU and RUBBER-PU safety boots used in mid-to-high risk working environments, and more specifically in the healthcare and food industries. To make it easier for our customers to choose we have divided these moulds into six product categories: SAFETY | Workplace; TREKKING | Uneven Ground; CASUAL | Everyday Walk; OUTDOOR | Outdoor Sport; DEFENCE | Tactical situation and OUTDOOR | Thermo-Grip environment.

How do you realise your products?

The realisation of each product category follows a precise work methodology shared with our customers during the entire manufacturing process, which starts from the identification of the problem, continues with the presentation of the solution, and ends by using the most advanced technologies present today in the sector of moulds for the footwear manufacturing industry, with the aim of guaranteeing that every mould leaving our production facilities can offer the end customer a healthier, safer, and more comfortable feeling wherever they might be.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to face?

Without a doubt, it was passing from being the exclusive partner to three important footwear manufacturers of only one type of footwear to creating and developing an extensive network of customers around the world, and alternating the needs of at least 20 leading customers in the sector with different technologies and kinds of footwear.

What has been the most historically satisfying moment for Zago?

Certainly the ability to maintain a leading position in the production of moulds for direct injection onto upper in footwear, while extending our customer portfolio to include partners from around the world. Becoming a Business 4.0 was equally satisfying, thanks to the use of intelligent and interconnected production systems and collaborative robots that offer important benefits like improved performance, automated monitoring, and reduced waste.

From its foundation to present-day times, what was an especially difficult moment for the company that left its mark behind?

Thinking back on it, there have been two: the 2008-2010 worldwide crisis and the current international healthcare emergency. These are the two main challenges we have had to face, forcing us to pool the very best of our human and company resources together with patience, expertise, and innovation.

In just one word, tell us what makes Zago unique.

Excellence. What we do, we do guided by this value that is shared by all our collaborators. Our customers often use this word when speaking of us and we are proud of this.

 How do you see the future of Zago?

We believe the future must be taken one day at a time, with commitment, determination, and curiosity. We continue to innovate to maintain an excellent quality level for our products. Likewise, we continue to learn and invest in training and professional updating to keep pace with the times.