Garsport’s new work shoes line “Arrow – Soles By Michelin” with a sole injected on the upper in three different densitites was previewed at the last edition of the “A + A” fair in Dusseldorf.
Made with PLUS2 technology (Stemma patent s.r.l.) and the use of a Michelin rubber tread, the new product has been highly appreciated for its attractive design and remarkable technical performances. Thanks to the combination of three materials in different densities, the sole ensures high slip resistance, comfort and absolute stability.
Supplied as standard on the new Stemma direct injection machines, the PLUS2 system for direct three-density moulding is having a great success due to:
• the great production versatility that allows to expand the product range that can be produced by direct injection with ever new technical product solutions,
• the high efficiency that allows you to produce footwear with a three-density sole while maintaining the same production rate as a traditional bi-density process,
• the absolute flexibility that allows you to combine traditional bi-density production with that of the new three-density models, without having to change the configuration of the system.
The “Arrow – Soles By Michelin” line will be produced from February 2020 in the Garsport plant in Husi (Vaslui, Romania) with a new fully automatic 30-station Stemma plant. With this new line of work footwear, Garsport confirms its vocation as an innovative company, always well anchored, however, to the great footwear tradition of Montebelluna.