Renowned for its orientation towards innovation, over time, Hawai Italia has presented numerous items fruit of revolutionary research, including speed laces, rivets and buckles in Top Light, Pro AirWaterblock, and 200 Reef, the best composite toecap for high performance applications.

Recently, it launched on the market an exclusive and innovative composite round eyelet that meets the stringent safety regulations and which, unlike metal eyelets that have serious oxidation problems, meets production needs by transforming the safety shoe into a stable item that also considers the aesthetic content. Thanks to the use of a special R material, combined with the technologies implemented by Hawaii Italia, the eyelet can be applied cold with automatic eyeletting machines. In terms of production, the advantages offered by this application system are considerable: rapid assembly, consequent cost savings and precision in processing. Adding to all this the exclusive advantages of the composite material: the lightness and the possibility of personalising design and colour, then it is possible to obtain an almost revolutionary product: until now it was considered impossible to realise an application with plastic eyelets with automatic drilling machines!

“Today this product undergoes further evolution: – explains Giovanni Fainelli, owner of the company – despite the difficult months of the pandemic, Hawai Italia continued the innovation process and developed the same technology used for round composite eyelets, to produce an oval composite eyelet, with a wide range of applications, from clothing to accessories and shoes, including safety. Assembly is always quick and precise, applied in a single cold stroke on automatic eyeletting machines. The intrinsic features of the material are the same as those of the round eyelet and offer the same customisation possibilities”.

A further challenge that Hawai Italia has won thanks to its vocation for innovation, the mastery of materials and technologies, which has allowed it to offer the market another absolute novelty.

Hawai eyelets offer a wide range of advanced items with different colours, fluo, transparencies, and more, and can finally guarantee an innovative and fashion design. Thus responding to the needs of today's market which increasingly looks to the aesthetics of the product, as well as to functionality.