The new Performer line of safety footwear designed by Alba&n combines three winning concepts: protection, a sophisticated look, and attention to the environment. In terms of protection and performance, the new Performers present PU/TPU soles, which ensure the very best grip, along with flexibility and resistance to abrasion, while the composite toe-cap and anti-perforation non-metallic midsole offer 360° safety with maximum lightness and comfort. The aesthetic appeal and ‘green’ focus are instead ensured by the upper and accessories that feature vivid and trendy colours made from recycled materials that are combined in an interesting way with the three-tone sole, while adhering to a 100% Made in Italy style and design.  Thus, the new Performers confirm Alba&n’s 25-plus years of leadership on the international panorama of safety and occupational footwear. Alba Shoes Group was in fact first founded as a manufacturer of uppers in 1993, in Lac, Albania. Just a few years later, its production activity expanded to the extent that it became a point of reference for companies of international renown, favouring the opening of new production facilities in Tirana, Valona, and Corovode. Far-sightedness, commitment, and resourcefulness combined with constant investments in new state-of-the-art technologies and machines, made the implementation of new productive processes possible all the way up to the creation of a complete cycle of footwear, which included safety shoes first and foremost. While the company was busy establishing itself as one of the most important economic realities in Albania, in 2006, it decided to set up another company named Alba&n in Italy, in the district of Barletta-Andria–Trani. Today, Alba&n is a bridgehead for the European and global market, with not only a commercial and logistics management team, but also a Research and Development department. Initially specialised in the production of private labels, thanks to its collaborations with a number of prestigious international brands, a vast and diversified range of footwear produced under the company’s brands of Alba&n and XQT was conceived. Today, these brands are synonymous with style, quality, and comfort. All the shoes produced by the Group are certified in compliance with EN ISO 20345:2011 and 20347:2012 safety standards by certified Institutions. Nevertheless, thanks to laboratories present in the facilities of Alba, which are fitted with the most modern equipment, the Group’s technicians are also capable of further verifying in-house the safety of footwear and its components by carrying out the same tests that are undertaken by Accredited Laboratories for PPE Certification. The Group, with a quality management system that is ISO 9001:2015 certified, is supported by 6 different injection plants (for polyurethane soles and polyurethane with nitrile rubber soles) and a workforce of around 2000 individuals, capable of producing up to 8000 pairs of shoes a day. The entire production process occurs in 4 different facilities, which extend over 60,000 sq. m. of company property. Today, the company exports to over 45 countries worldwide.