Founded in Vigevano in the 70’s as a producer of components for footwear, over time, APC Srl extended its range of products to include reinforcing fabrics for footwear and leather goods. To meet up with the increasingly demanding needs of clientele, the company developed a vast series of items that increase the performance of leathers and the supports on which they are applied, while adapting to their features, and providing support and a softness in accordance with the final desired result.  

The company is also focused on an eco-sustainable approach in production. The project, which was first began in 2020 under the direction of the in-house company team and the CIMAC research centre, proposes new lines of eco-compostable reinforcing fabrics with zero environmental impact, – the BIO LINE – created thanks to a combination of biodegradable resins and textile fibres that are either natural or coming from the reuse of recovered fibre.

Likewise, in the field of safety shoes, APC has developed a range of reinforcing fabrics capable of combining a high level of resistance with a limited environmental impact. They are in fact fabrics made from 100% cotton, which, with the support of high-quality resins, acquire a high degree of adherence and staying power, making them suitable to every kind of support, from waxed leathers to faux leathers, and various kinds of fabrics. The resins used are in fact increasingly high performance and breathable, a characteristic that is extremely important in safety shoes and in guaranteeing the constant well-being and health of the worker. The production of these jersey knits, proposed in various weights (gsm) and thermo-adhesives, is completely realised in the company’s in-house manufacturing facilities, respecting the main European and international safety standards, as well as the specifications of the most well-known partners in the sector.  APC is also able to perform water-repellent and flame-retardant treatments on cottons.