The products of Finproject stand out for their special lightness and comfortable fit guaranteed by XL EXTRALIGHT® technology.

Extremely high performance and versatile, resistant to water, UV rays, chlorine, and chemical agents, XL EXTRALIGHT® is obtained from a polyolefin-based material ideal for the production of expanded and cross-linked products using injection technology. The defining feature of the product is its combination of low density and optimum physical and mechanical properties with a distinctive “soft touch” feel.

Among the special formulas proposed by the Marches industrial group, is INDUSTRIAL PLUS, a material resistant to oils/hydrocarbons, which is antistatic or electrostatic in accordance with customer needs, while complying with international safety standards for safety shoes. This technology allows for the creation of a product in line with the highest safety standards, while maintaining an unequalled lightness. In addition to offering a reduced weight, the sole has exceptional shock-absorbing properties. XL EXTRALIGHT® Industrial Plus was specifically developed to satisfy the requirements of safety shoes in terms of properties, safety, and lifetime.

Among the advantages of XL EXTRALIGHT® Industrial Plus are resistance to water, UV rays, salt, chlorine, oils, and hydrocarbons. Available in an antistatic or electrostatic version in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements, this innovative material is non-marking, resistance to chemical substances and bacteria, and is free of phthalate, heavy metals, and latex. Grip and comfort are guaranteed thanks to extreme lightness and cushioning.