Design at the service of beauty, technology at the service of safety, hands at the service of feet: three guidelines that for over 10 years have made Base Protection stand out on the panorama of safety footwear. The numerous novelties presented by this company from Barletta at the last edition of A+A were proof of this, starting from Scan&Fit, the innovative system that allows you to scan your own feet through the scanner or designated APP that is soon to be released, allowing customers to personalise their model in terms of use and certified safety. Through a mathematical model based on an enormous database of 3D scans and a 3D reconstruction developed by the Biomechanical Institute – Istituto di Biomeccanica (IBV), it is possible to identify the shape, size, fit and even the ideal Base insole for every foot type, allowing for the creation of footwear that is as personal as possible. Base insoles are developed in collaboration with the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort.

Another brand new innovation presented at the fair was 4×4 technology, which combines solidity and lightness for the very best comfort, durability, and resistance to stress. Thanks to a special sole made from a low-density compound, the weight of the shoe is reduced, while maintaining the same performance typical of dual-density soles in terms of maximum resistance to bending, abrasion, and tearing.

Finally, there is the new safety footwear line for Oxford managers, with elegant lines also suited to men’s suits. The design, inspired by dress shoes, is made possible by the use of an innovative SpaceCap composite toe-cap, which allows for a striking look externally, while respecting EN ISO 20345 and EN 22568 protection standards.