Since 1967 the Formificio Milanese Team (Novi Ligure) has been synonymous with service, quality, and hi-tech products, designing and producing shoe lasts for numerous international brands, exporting to over 30 countries. Thanks to the experience and continue research, F.M.T. follow its customers from the design and development of the model last for safety, tracking, sport, casual and fashion footwear to production by integrating manual skills with the most advanced technology. Using optical 3D scanning system and 3D CAD beyond the design, development and production, F.M.T. is able to provide on request the files of the last and/or of the toe cap positioned on the same last. Futhermore, from many years the F.M.T. has upgraded production process using only CNC machines that do not require manual operation, to ensure maximum precision between model/cad data and final product. This allows the company to produce, in addition to traditional lasts, the famous smart lasts for automated production processes and for direct injection process, that is the company’s flagship. The plastic material is exclusively HDPE polyethylene and is internally injected.