Standing out for its research and innovation, meticulous care with quality productive processes, high level of services, and maximum flexibility, Vegam has developed two innovative lines of fabrics dedicated to the safety market, which are characterised by quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. The first is LIBA®, the patented brand that identifies a line of TPU-based materials, which surpass the performance and test results of rubber. Used for safety footwear, but also for trekking boots, special gloves, bags, etc… LIBA® is a product that combines maximum lightness with flexibility, features that candidate it for a wide range of areas in which it can be used. In particular, LIBA® gives its best in all climatic conditions, is resistant to UV rays and the ozone, and is 100% recyclable.

Instead, TechnoTPU is an innovative, high-performance, and ecological thermoplastic polyurethane: thinner and lighter weight than leather and rubber, it has high resistance to abrasion confirmed by high Martindale values (in accordance with UNI EN ISO 20344-45 standards), and a resistance that is 10 times superior to corresponding articles in PVC. TechnoTPU supports the repeated stress of flexion with optimal results at room temperature and low temperatures and is eco-friendly because it is completely free of PVC and free of solvents like DMF, benzene and toluene.

Especially suited to the creation of reinforcements on toecaps, rear areas of the shoe, and bands that require high performance materials, both technically and aesthetically, thanks to its special properties, TechnoTPU can also be used in other industrial sectors where lightness and resistance to abrasion are specific requirements. Not to be forgotten, TechnoTPU is also completely customisable in its colours, patterns, and formula, with a wide variety of thicknesses and degrees of elasticity, as well as the possibility of treatment with thermoadhesives.