At its rendezvous with the great safety fair in Dusseldorf, Fal Seguridad presented itself with important new products, including first and foremost the innovative Volcano and Volcano Boa firefighting boots in PBI fabric, which are resistant to fire and high temperatures, but also waterproof, lightweight and breathable. PBI is in fact a fabric designed for emergency rescues and fighting fires, offering lightness, but also a high resistance to traction (more than 100kgs of resistance to initial tearing, which is double that of any other external covering) and the very best protection from heat and flames, to the extent that in many areas its performance is better than heavier alternatives. In addition to PBI fabric, these boots incorporate a Gore-Tex CrossTech membrane, which is waterproof, breathable and resistant to penetration by blood, body fluids, and various liquid chemical agents. Since it is also less rigid than traditional boots, with an ergonomic design, Volcano boots offer greater ease of movement, which is of vital performance in fire and rescue operations. Other features include an antistatic two-tone sole in anti-slip polyurethane-nitrile rubber, which is resistant to heat and flames; a Vincap non-metallic toe-cap capable of withstanding impacts of up to 200 joules; an anti-perforation fabric midplate with greater resistance than steel, capable of resisting flames and high temperatures, while protecting from thermal risks of up to 400 degrees. The Volcano Boa model in particular includes a BOA fastening system, which allows for quick fastening and perfect adherence to the foot thanks to an absence of laces, reducing the risk of possible accidents caused by the boot unexpectedly opening up or the laces being snagged on something. Another brand new proposal is the uniform boot made using innovative Gore-Tex Surround technology, which offers long-lasting water resistance, while also ensuring a high degree of breathability. The Patrol Low shoe and Patrol Hi boot are in fact 100% breathable, thanks to the midsole in perforated phylon, which allows sweat and excess heat to be released, and Gore-Tex lamé located under the sole of the foot and on the side openings of the sole. The outer part of the sole is in Vibram® Fuga rubber with mega-grip compound. Finally, Fal Seguridad presented its brand new line of workwear Sneakers, with a striking design and bold colours, capably combining performance with an attractive look. The upper is in mesh fabric and microfiber, materials that are especially breathable, while the Vincap non-metallic toe-cap and anti-perforation insole in fabric guarantee a high degree of lightness as well as protection. All the models of the Sneaker line comply with the EN ISO 20345: 2011, S3 + SRC + CI safety standard. In fact, the dual density polyurethane sole satisfies the requirements of current legislation, including slip-resistance on tiles and steel (SRC) and resistance to hydrocarbons. The two layers of the sole – one compact with pronounced indentations for increasing the grip of the boot and improving its drainage, and the other in polyurethane foam that offers comfort to the foot-, help avoid muscular fatigue and vibrations, while absorbing energy in the heel, thus preventing micro-traumas in the joints and muscular injuries. Finally, these shoes and boots are completely metal-free and ESD, with materials and structures that allow for electrostatic discharges.


Volcano Boa
Patrol Low
Patrol High