Continuing down a pathway of growth and innovation of processes is Cofra, with over 80 years of know-how and experience in the sector of footwear for professional use and for brands of reference in the market, which today is headed by the founder’s son, Giuseppe Cortellino. The latest proposal of the company called LIGHTECH is a line of footwear characterised by a surprisingly light weight. The sole, in fact, with a wide volume that is proposed in white and black versions for an ultra-sporty style, is made from XL EXTRALIGHT®, a super lightweight expanded material, which guarantees low density, excellent physical-mechanical properties, and a soft touch. Moreover, it does not absorb liquids or external chemical agents (acids/bases) and does not allow for the proliferation of bacteria, with optimum response to adverse atmospheric conditions, especially at low temperatures. It is also characterised by excellent resistance to water, UV rays, chlorine, and salt, thereby making it resistant to ageing, while maintaining its colours unvaried over time. Its lightness (with a weight that is 3 times lighter than other materials with the same mechanical properties) has allowed for the creation of a work shoe with an extremely low weight (around 420 gr.). Its design represents the perfect combination between the latest stylistic trends in fashion and some technical traits specifically developed to guarantee maximum safety and an extremely high level of comfort. The incisions in the exit area of the heel in fact allow for maximum grip and resistance to slipping in the presence of liquids in the phase when the foot is placed on the ground, which is the most notoriously ‘at risk’ phase.  The greater thickness of the sole intensifies the cushioning effect, increasing comfort, and allowing for fatigue and exhaustion to be reduced to a minimum, all the way up to the end of the work shift.  The shoes of the new line are completed by an insole made from an extremely soft and comfortable polyurethane foam, while the conductive anti-perforation fabric, almost completely recycled, is made from special fibres of fabric-non-fabric: softer, more flexible, and 55% lighter weight than any other anti-perforation fabric device, thanks to its construction and the nature of the materials making it up.  Its honeycomb weave offers never-before-seen levels of thermal insultation. The fibreglass toecap has excellent mechanical properties of resistance to electrostatic discharges and impulses, is nonmagnetic, offers thermal insulation, and is lighter weight, only 60 grams compared to the 90 grams of steel toecaps.  The Lightech line is rich in products made from state-of-the-art fabrics, which are fruit of attentive research onto the most technical and highest performance raw materials. Standing out in particular in the line are the Skill and Cool models made from RE PET, a recycled polyamide blend fabric with high resilience, which is waterproof with excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion. The Distance mode, instead, is made from TECHSHELL, an extremely resilient and innovative fabric that is resistant to abrasion and tearing, and which is waterproof and breathable.