A well-known brand on the work and safety shoe market, which has been distinguishing itself for over 80 years for the content related to innovation and research. Today Cofra focuses on lightness with its Lightech footwear line, which has been extended with some ankle high models in waterproof nubuck (Beautiful S3 SRC) or in nubuck and Cordura® (Activity S3 SRC).

The Lightech line is characterised by the very low weight of the shoe – about 420 g – guaranteed by the use of a new generation sole made with XL EXTRALIGHT®, a super lightweight, flexible and resistant foam material, whose weight is 3 times less than the weight of materials with the same mechanical properties. Low density, excellent physical-mechanical properties and the soft touch are other very interesting features of this sole. Moreover, it does not absorb liquids and external chemical agents (acids/ bases) and it does not make bacteria proliferate; it optimally responds to attacks from atmospheric agents, especially at low temperatures, and has excellent resistance to water, UV rays, chlorine and saltiness and therefore to aging, which allows to keep the colour unchanged over time. In terms of aesthetics, this sole – proposed in white and black versions thanks to the large volume – confers to each model an ultra-sporty style, with an appeal that recalls the world of sneakers.

Also its design is of particular relevance, which represents the perfect combination of the current stylistic requirements in fashion and some technical features specifically created to ensure maximum safety and very high comfort. The notches, placed in the heel exit area, allow maximum grip and resistance to slipping in the presence of liquids, in the foot support phase, a phase that notoriously is riskier.

The high thicknesses of the sole also exacerbate the cushioning effect, increasing comfort and eliminating the sense of discomfort or fatigue, until the end of the work shift.

The insole is also made paying particular attention to maximum comfort, using extremely soft and comfortable polyurethane foam.

The conductive puncture resistant fabric, almost entirely recycled, is made with special fibres of non-woven fabric. It is much more softer, more flexible and 55% lighter than any other puncture resistant device in fabric, thanks to its construction and the nature of the materials that compose it. Moreover, its honeycomb structure offers never-before achieved levels of thermal insulation.

The fibreglass toecap, instead, has excellent mechanical resistance properties to static and impulsive loads. It is non-magnetic, thermally insulating, but decidedly lighter – only 60 g – compared to the 90 g of steel toecaps.

The Lightech line is full of products made with cutting-edge fabrics, the result of a careful search for the most technical and performing raw materials. Some models are also particularly environment-friendly and made of RE PET, a recycled fabric mixed with a water repellent high strength polyamide, with excellent tear and abrasion resistance.