Simplified processes and high quality guarantee the complete resilience of the final product, which is accredited by the ISO 9001 Total Quality Management System and by the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System: two systems that are at the heart of the Barletta-based Pezzol Industries, the first Apulian footwear company to have obtained SA 8000 ethical certification.

Recently, Pezzol Industries decided to invest in its Brand and Services with a collection of highly technological and high-performance products that are ready made, also thanks to the twenty-years experience of Sales Manager Cosimo Grimaldi, who is responsible for the Italian market. Pezzol Industries considers innovation to be a key factor for constantly improving the level of its products; the vision is that of designing and “manufacturing” occupational footwear that is beautiful, lightweight, and comfortable, with features that are always cutting-edge.

Fruit of this philosophy is MANAUS S3 WR HRO SRC, a newly conceived product that combines total protection with high performance and comfort. The upper is made using X-WAVE technology in nylon with high resilience, offering maximum breathability and resistance to abrasion. The toes and heel area are made from a high-density thread, which increases the resistance to abrasion, while preserving breathability.

The special elastic GORE-TEX Stretch Safety Footwear membrane inside the shoe conveys comfort and protection from water that is unequalled, making the natural process of temperature regulation easier, while allowing for a pleasurable feeling of dry feet.

The anatomical and shock-absorbing T-01 insole in open cell dual-density polyurethane foam with high density lower layer guarantees support and favours the absorptions of shocks, while offering maximum breathability.  

The Tyre PU-VIBRAM® Rubber HRO sole guarantees excellent performance, comfort, and durability.

Finally, the fibreglass PZ88 toecap and anti-perforation TXZERO insert in state-of-the-art fabric, ensure maximum lightness, protection, and flexibility.

Cosimo Grimaldi