Present on the market since the 60’s as a one-man business, which was then transformed into a company in 1988, over the years, MIRAN in Barletta has established itself as a leader in the production of thermoplastic accessories and thermoformed and polyurethane removable insoles. What makes this company from Apulia unique is the vastness of its offering, destined in particular for the safety footwear market, without however leaving behind forays into the world of fashion and haute couture footwear through its most striking and sophisticated accessories.  Microinjections on labels, drawcords, rapid systems for unfastening, toecaps and TPU heel counters, plantar arches and shanks, direct over-injections and under-injections on leathers and fabrics, and PU insoles enriched with gel islands: those who look to the world of MIRAN, will see every technical and aesthetical need satisfied and transformed into a high quality accessory both in terms of function and look. All Miran products are strictly Made in Italy and created in the production facilities of Barletta by a highly specialised workforce thanks to machines and materials coming from the very best partner companies in the sector. One key strength of the company lies in its ability to offer special customisation services: starting from a graphic sketch, a technical need or from a specific aesthetical desire expressed by the end customer, it is possible to create and define a new product thanks to the collaboration offered by its own technicians. These are the origins of labels that reproduce the customer’s logo, drawcords with special designs and curves, inserts with metallic meshes that guarantee the breathability of the product, chromatic matchings and the three-dimensionality of uppers directly over-injected onto leathers and fabrics, shaped TPU toecaps that perfectly “embrace” the mould of the customer, and constant research onto increasingly high performance polyurethane foams in terms of carrying capacity and resistance to impacts. Among the novelties present in the collection, we find the ECO&GREEN line. This series of accessories and removable insoles partially replaces raw materials of petrochemical origins with bio-based raw materials coming from renewable sources. The use of such materials, while guaranteeing a greatly reduced environmental impact when compared to traditional products, has no impact whatsoever on the performance or physical-mechanical properties of the final products. ECO&GREEN accordingly confirms Miran’s commitment to offering technologically evolved solutions that also respect the natural eco-system.