Diadora Utility relentlessly moves forward along the pathway of innovation in the field of safety and environmental protection, presenting the European market with the new Glove Eco, the “green” version of the iconic Utility model, which is fruit of over a year’s research by the company’s R&D department. The new model positions itself at the top of this Venetian company’s classification of most sustainable footwear, expressing the height of a pathway first begun in 2015 that initially revolved around a series of checks onto sustainability along the productive supply chain and the reduction of consumption, to then arrive, in 2018 and 2019, at the company winning the Ecovadis Gold Medal while achieving a ranking among the top 5% performers in terms of sustainability, which is a position it continues to hold today. “Glove Eco is our way of taking care of workers and at the same time the environment surrounding us – comments Enrico Moretti Polegato, President of Diadora -. Going down a pathway of sustainability means having a very clear idea of the concept of “Respect”: for the workplace, for the environment we live in, for people and for all other living beings, while striving for constant equilibrium with Nature in each moment. With the innovations and technologies we have available in 2021, respect can’t help but pass through intense research onto sustainable PPE”.

This exclusive model, with a first limited edition that includes only 6000 pairs produced in the company’s facility of Caerano di San Marco (TV), allows for a reduced consumption of virgin resources and respect for environmental and social criteria along the production supply chain, embracing a more responsible model of production and consumption. Every Glove Eco component – from the tread to the laces, from the upper to the stitching, as well as the colours used – has been painstakingly studied to reduce the environmental impact and thereby increase the sustainability of the supply chain, without however compromising on the performance of the shoe in terms of safety, comfort, and durability. All the fabrics used to make Glove Eco come from R-PET recycled polyester, while the leather of the upper is PFAS-free and does not include polluting substances with long-term environmental and health effects. Even the sole and midsole are partially made using recycled materials, and are capable of guaranteeing maximum performance, as are the aluminium toecap and anti-perforation insert, which are produced using recycled materials or materials coming from production scraps. In line with the product is also the green packaging, made using paper coming from FSC certified recycled and recovered materials.

On the occasion of the launching of the new Glove Eco model, Utility has also launched a project in partnership with the international organisation of environmental protection WeForest for the replanting of the green heart of the planet and wonder of biodiversity that is the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, and for the support of local communities. For every pair of Glove Eco purchased, Utility and WeForest commit to protecting one tree, with the aim of arriving at 6000 by the end of the year. In 30 years, it is estimated that this project will contribute to absorbing around 951 tons of CO2 (source: WeForest). It will be possible to follow the project’s progress on www.weforest.org, by clicking on the Utility logo in the section dedicated to partners (direct link as follows: https://www.weforest.org/partner/diadora).

TONGUE LABEL made from yarns derived from post-consumer recycled polyester  

STITCHING in recycled polyester

LACES in R-PET, 100% derived from recycled plastic bottles 


TOECAP in aluminium, with an alloy made up by 15% recycled raw material

INSOLE made from fabric 100% derived from post-consumer recycled polyester and PU FOAM 100% recycled from production scraps

ANTI-PERFORATION INSERT made from recycled polyethylene fibre

SOLE in a special blend of nitrile rubber that allows for a 30% use of recycled rubber  

LINING AND UPPER FABRIC in recycled polyester