Today, material innovation allows for the creation of products destined for special demands arising from the heart of the footwear manufacturing industry. More specifically, the world of safety acts as a mouthpiece, demanding accessories and components that are extremely specialized and aimed at increasing the performance of footwear and guaranteeing high safety standards. In addition to rustproof laces, it was necessary to develop higher-performance fastening systems: Sammi Export interpreted these needs with innovative products like WINCH and NBS. 

WINCH – Dial Lacing System

A lacing system that gives the possibility of tightening and untightening the wire with one hand only thanks to its dial. Sammi proposes the WINCH system complete of loops and wires, diversified according to various applications: design, colours and double materials enrich WINCH making it, not only a highly technical performing item, but also an added value for your shoes.

WINCH, Dial Lacing System

NBS – New Block System

A high performance system that stops the lace at the necessary tension, keeps it tightened during its use and doesn’t allow the lace to untighten. NBS has shown itself to be a product with the highest standards, and once the desired tension has been achieved, it does not untighten, even it if is subjected to long periods of use and extreme strain. At the same time, NBS does not damage the shoe’s laces, is easy to unfasten in case of emergencies, and when used together with its pouch that can be used to tuck away excess laces, is the perfect solution for limiting the risk of tripping and falling or getting caught on protruding objects.

NBS, New Block System