Founded in 1972, Garsport stands out on the market for the production of comfortable and versatile trekking and safety footwear, designed for the most diverse needs and types of use. The new Pyramid by Garsport x Extreme Line sole in vulcanised rubber with a low density polyurethane wedge (PULL 38) and a compact thermoplastic film coating, designed to withstand bumps and abrasions, is among the innovations developed by the company. This new technology has been designed taking into account the performance that a technical work shoe must have, with the choice of POLYESTER, by nature compatible with the accident prevention environment, able to provide a much more solid structure than Polyether. Thanks to a careful formulation and the use of Premium raw materials, Pyramid offers a very low specific weight with optimal comfort, rebound and compression set characteristics. The sole designed this way, guarantees excellent performance to the user and is able to guarantee prolonged comfort throughout the working day, with a relaxing effect.

Another important innovation is the new Full Protection x Full Protection Line. Thanks to a special direct injection system onto the protection toe cap, it guarantees maximum flexibility and comfort, eliminating the perception of bulkiness and the typical nuisance given by the toe cap over the toes. Furthermore, this new technology offers a high resistance to abrasion in the front, useful for professionals who daily work bending their shoes, with the tip of their shoes turned against the ground (e.g. floor-layer/tiler), or hitting the shoe against levers or all kinds of roughness. The tread consists of double density polyurethane, direct injection, with a particular exclusive formula designed by Garsport, called MAX LIGHT TECH, which offers extreme lightness and comfort for the end user.