Among its latest products, Diadora Utility presents the brand new Run Net Airbox model, characterised by the patented Net Breathing System™ of Geox’s in-house research and development laboratories, which has been given maximum expression thanks to the development of a new Diadora technology. In fact, the special GEOX membrane – made from a microporous material capable of absorbing sweat in a water vapour form and expelling it – has been joined by the lateral perfing of Diadora, which ensures maximum breathability for the foot in complete harmony with the protective elements making up the shoe. Studies have confirmed that thanks to this membrane with its micropores that are smaller than a drop of water, but bigger than a molecule of water vapour, that water will not penetrate to the inside the shoe, with the foot accordingly remaining dry. This allows for natural thermoregulation and creates an ideal microclimate inside the shoe, while keeping the foot safe and dry. Thermoregulation is ensured also in the most extreme climatic conditions and during the most intense work-related activities. The side positioning of the ventilation holes, thanks to the Airbox system that is visible from both sides, is inspired by the world of engines, where the “airbox” channels air into the motor, allowing it to cool down and run more efficiently. In fact, Run Net Airbox, with its three lateral chambers guarantees twice as much breathability: air circulation is easier, offering maximum comfort and a better performance. The dual density PU sole has an extremely high level of shock-absorption, while the inner lining has a high absorption rate with quick drying. At the same time, the design is meticulous, thanks to the sports inspiration that arrives from the world of running. Run Net Airbox is proposed in a fabric or leather, and in a low or mid version, with different colour variants available and S1P and S3 certifications.