JV International, strategic partner chosen by Michelin for the design, development and production of soles, has exclusively a series of high performance soles that accompany the new lines of some of the most renowned safety footwear brands intended for the French brand. There are four projects presented for this season.

The new Arrow-Soles line by Michelin from Garsport for 2022 is developed with an exclusive three-density sole directly injected onto the upper and made with PLUS2 technology (Stemma Srl patent). With upper in suede and nylon, the flagship model Kele Low S1p shoe is appreciable both for its captivating design and technical performance and can be used in different work environments, from workshops to warehouses, in construction, and more.

The Michelin sole ensures production versatility, which allows to expand the product range that can be made by direct injection with always new technical product solutions; the high efficiency, which makes it possible to produce 3-density soles while maintaining the same production rate of a traditional dual-density process; the absolute flexibility that allows you to combine traditional bi-density productions with that of the new 3-density models, without having to change the plant configuration.


For Jelen 7297-26310, lightweight but at the same time robust footwear made of hydrophobic leather and equipped with waterproof and breathable lining with non-metallic insole and composite protective hood dedicated to the construction sector, Michelin signs a sole with high wear resistance and a constant oil resistant, non-slip and antistatic grip on the ground. The boot also features a rubber reinforcement in the back area, a comfortable anatomic and antibacterial insole and an extremely lightweight reinforced composite hood.


ROSENBAUER – Boros B4, boot co-designed with Michelin and inspired by Michelin x Works XDY tires, raises safety standards thanks to the innovative and performing sole that doest not just consider the grip on different types of terrain, but above all extreme temperatures. The compound has maximum resistance to oil, petrol and a high range of acids. The rubber is antistatic so as to prevent the formation of sparks and maximum protection during use in explosion risk areas. Should the sole be damaged due to mechanical wear or thermal overload, it can be replaced by extending the life cycle of the boot for greater sustainability and economy.

BOROS B4 presents an innovative closure exclusively by Rosenbauer able to combine the advantages of all the types of closure known today: simple operation, customisable and memorable adjustment; to increase the speed of putting on and taking off the boot very quickly.


Finally for TALAN 7434 JV international has developed a Michelin branded sole equipped with a combination of compounds, specially developed to be adapted to all weather conditions and any environment. Equipped with a sturdy toe-cap to ensure greater wear and traction durability, it has large grooves that offer more adaptability and flexibility. Finally, the heel area is strengthened to ensure maximum durability. The heel of the sole features a shock-absorbing "cushion" made from special AirBag fibres.

The upper is produced with a special fabric in polyester threads and with a Cordura fabric, resistant and highly breathable. A three-layer waterproof membrane ensures abrasion resistance and protects the foot from moisture penetration while offering great water repellency. The closure is equipped with the WINCH Fit System, a patented system consisting of a steel cord, nylon guides and a mechanical reel. This locking system is resistant to dirt, water and ice. One-handed operation is fast, comfortable and makes the shoe fit easy.