The safety and occupational footwear ‘Made in Puglia’ presents at the next edition of A+A its new TOP UNIFORM line, which has been developed by studying the peculiarities of the specific areas of use, to the extent of being able to determine the characteristics of the ideal footwear for each of them. Thus, the new catalogue includes operational footwear for firefighters, safety footwear for rescue activities, safety footwear for outdoor work, occupational footwear for patrol activities, public order and "peacekeeping", occupational footwear for military operations and combat.

The constant drive to improve and raise quality standards is reflected in the complete renewal of the 2022/2023 collection, which now includes 31 new models as well as the brand new TOP UNIFORM line specifically designed for "workers in uniform". In addition to all this, a line of complementary products has been added to enrich an already extensive offer with OCCUPATIONAL SOCKS and ORTHOPEDIC INSOLES.

Founded in 1979 in Cisternino, in the province of Brindisi in Apulia, PANDA SAFETY is among the leading Italian manufacturer of safety and occupational footwear. The search for new materials and components with ever-increasing performances, combined with the implementation of the most advanced production techniques, has resulted in superior quality products that, over the years, have won the trust of PPE distributors both nationally and internationally and the brand is now marketed in more than 70 countries around the world.

PANDA SAFETY exhibits at A+A HALL 4 – STAND No. E39.