The Italian group, with offices in Vigevano and Cassolnovo, has been present on the market for over 28 years and represents a reference point in the sector, which is in constant growth thanks to huge and continuous investments and to a limitless offer of polyurethanes, regardless of whether they are used in the footwear, industrial or construction sector.
The market of safety footwear represents a very strong and important target for Elachem and Epaflex as an ever increasing demand requires materials capable of satisfying producers on the one hand and the end customer on the other, with the aim of bringing innovation, productivity and comfort.
Despite an already very extensive range of products, and in compliance with the flexibility that has always distinguished Elachem and Epaflex, the development of new materials and new solutions is continuous.
High flexibility makes it possible, among other things, to develop tailor-made products for customers, able to increase productivity and quality of the finished product.
The laboratories of Elachem and Epaflex, in fact, combined with the professionalism and the collaborative predisposition of technicians, provide the opportunity to develop new products from the start, which are unique and of the highest quality standard.
The range of products dedicated to the production of safety footwear includes, among others, Lightel, Epamould and Elapol.

Lightel represents a series of polyester-based PU polyurethane systems, the result of an exclusive Elachem patent, able to offer high-performance and unique features on the market. They can be formulated according to the specific needs of each producer in the research and development laboratories of the Lombard company.
Lightel systems, in fact, do not only stand out for their lightness and comfort, but also for their versatility, as they can be used in mono and bi-density soles while maintaining features such as:
• Excellent bending strength even at low temperatures
• Excellent resilience and elasticity
• Excellent resistance to hydrolysis
• Antistatic and ESD properties

The Epamould series, that is polyester and polyether-based thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), represents, instead, the added value for the production of treads and inserts, realized in a really wide and detailed range of hardness, which meets the most severe European and world standards.
Epamould TPUs are technical polymers with innovative features that can give the finished product:
• Excellent physical mechanical properties
• Excellent abrasive and wear resistance
• Excellent grip
• Excellent adhesion with PU systems
• Antistatic and ESD properties

Finally, Elapol is a range of both linear and branched Saturated Polyesters to formulate high quality polyurethane systems for the footwear industry.
Elapol saturated polyesters are produced in the brand new Vigevano plant, currently one of the most important in Europe, which guarantees state-of-the-art quality and production standards.