For over 40 years, Panther Srl ( has been a successful reality working in the injected safety and occupational shoes industry, proposing shoes that offer not only maximum protection from workplace accidents, but which also fully respect the morphology and physiology of the foot, while providing workers with relief from daily fatigue, without having to do so at the expense of a sophisticated and attractive design.

The new POWAIRLITE collection by the company’s ABOUTBLU brand, represents a bona fide innovation in the world of safety shoes, thanks to its technological features and design. In the collection, we in fact find models like Saturno and Mars, which represent a new generation of work shoes, thanks to their anatomical shapes and the use of innovative technologies like the Carbon Cap toecap in ultralight carbon fibre, the AlveoSystem support directly injected into the sole, as well as the SocKnit recycled polyester fabric. These are just some of the technologies applied to this revolutionary collection, which is completely ANIMAL FREE and suited to multiple sectors and uses.

A collection that represents the evolution of Panther, always in search of advanced and sophisticated technologies, which are flanked by the company’s ethical and environmental commitment. With multiple certifications, Panther Srl is compliant with current European and non-European legislation, and counts two production sites, one in Italy and one facility abroad for upper production, Panther Albania sh.p.k.