Leader in the field of safety footwear, Uniwork is one of the brands of reference of Over Teak Srl, a reality, which, over the years, has known how to position itself on a demanding market, constantly in search of solutions that know how to make the most of human capital, with the aim of making the on-the-job experience increasingly safe, comfortable, and pleasurable. The brand, founded in 1996, manages to satisfy the needs of this constantly evolving sector, thanks to a vast range of models made using first-rate quality materials, while fully complying with all the safety standards currently in force and technical specifications.  “We believe that our business has not only the person and the company as a recipient, but also the local community, working for the development and protection of its human capital”, comments Giuseppe Vitobello. The founding principles of the philosophy promoted by Uniwork undoubtedly include constant attention to the individual, the environment, and the needs of the market, while offering expertise, reliability, integrity, and transparency. “Our mission is that of creating high-quality and efficient products that respect people and the environment, and to this end we have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, as well as SA8000 ethical certification. Our value lies in our ability to fully satisfy the safety needs of people and the businesses where they work”.  This constant commitment translates into important investments in research and development activities, with the aim of creating state-of-the-art footwear conceived to guarantee maximum comfort and a functional design, while also focusing on stylistic research and details, prototyping and design, phases that are undertaken in-house with a team of designers who make the most of cutting-edge technologies. Strong from its team of highly qualified technicians, and with the support of state-of-the-art technologies, Uniwork proposes models created exclusively from materials and components of the absolute highest quality: soles (diversified for men and women), insoles, anti-perforation midplates, safety toecaps, and linings, which are all designed to ensure safety and protection in every possible job condition, in addition to the very best levels of comfort. “Uniwork footwear is structured in such a way as to prevent eventual pain, torsions, and slipping, while absorbing impacts in the best way possible and reducing fatigue”, confirms Giuseppe Vitobello. 
Among the different innovations of the brand, two worth mentioning are the Armateak 0+ anti-perforation midplate – completely recyclable, thermoregulating, antistatic, free of coverings and additives – and the Unicomp toecap in technical polymer – which is inoxidizable and non-magnetic, recyclable, free of epoxy paint and with an impact resistance of up to 200 Joules. 
Interesting is also the variety of footwear lines proposed by Uniwork, which are now eleven in number: lines that range from footwear with an urban spirit to those created with a fabric derived from PET recycled from plastic bottles (GreenPET), up to those exclusively created for women’s feet (Madame Italy), which are all functional, comfortable, and attentive to aesthetic details.  

Giuseppe Vitobello