Technology, innovation, and Made in Italy are some of the key-factors that have been guiding the company Calzaturificio 5BI, with its strong orientation towards exports, since 1979: first with founder Giuseppe Battaglia, and then with his five sons, until arriving at the third generation of entrepreneurs. In fact, with the brand Bicap, the company from Barletta proposes its safety footwear in 72 countries worldwide, a milestone achieved thanks to its absolute vocation for exports and a quality and sophistication that is strictly Made in Italy. Likewise important is its mission founded on the motto of ‘Absolutely safe’, which has been guiding the company for the last forty years.  In terms of new products, standing out in the catalogue that counts over 200 products, is the new PS Line, characterised by a sole that manages to combine lightness, flexibility and volumes that are only externally large, for guaranteeing maximum grip on the most difficult terrains. Moreover, the presence of the STABILITY SYSTEM allows for perfect control of the foot’s movements, thus helping to avoid accidental sprains, while the PRO AIR waterproof system aims to guarantee maximum air flow and comfort during daily use.