Acting as a bridgehead between Alba Shoes, the Albanian group with more than 20 years of experience in footwear manufacturing, and the European market, the Italian company Alba & N is specialized in the production and sales of work and safety shoes.

At the next edition of A+A, the company will present a range of new footwear that combines safety with a sophisticated and elegant look.

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They will be presented among the new lines of Alba & N: Class, MD Woman and Sprint Line.

With a lighter look and feel, which is made possible by the sole directly assembled onto the upper, Class shoes are characterized by extremely high performance anti-slip (SRC) outsoles, with incredible heat resistance (HRO) properties.  Made of leather, they come available in waterproof or non-waterproof versions, depending on the final application and needs of the customer.

MD Woman shoes are instead designed for women who, even at work, feel the need to express their femininity: with a streamlined shape and slightly tilted heel area that creates an anti-fatigue effect; the design is lightweight, but also protective at the same time, thanks to the composite or steel toe-cap. The upper, instead, can be waterproof or non-waterproof, in accordance with the customer’s needs. The sole, directly assembled onto the upper, is made of mono density PU, for a maximum anti-slip (SRC) performance.


Finally, the Sprint Line has a brand new concept that combines great sturdiness with ultra-lightness. In bright and trendy colours, with an irresistible sporty design, the two-tone PU rubber soles ensure maximum grip, high performance HRO, and resistance to abrasion. The upper, made out of 100% breathable microfiber, is directly mounted onto the sole in order to guarantee the complete well-being of the wearer.  Moreover, Sprint is also suited to material/colour customizations with logos on the upper, labels, and lateral transfers.

The innovative research of Alba & N once again focuses on materials that stand out for their high performance and technical characteristics, a construction that is attentive to safety as well as comfort, and a desire to make style part of the workplace.