Renowned for its aptitude for innovation, over time Hawaii Italia has presented numerous articles which are the result of a revolutionary research, including speed-laces, rivets and Top Light buckles, Pro AirWaterblock, 200 Reef, the best composite material toecap for performance …
Today, on the occasion of the A + A 2019 show, Hawai Italia presents a further fruit of this continuous work, the exclusive and innovative composite eyelet that meets stringent safety factor standards.
The security market on metal accessories and in particular on eyelets meets serious oxidation problems and other issues. The regulatory safety restrictions INTENDED IN THE footwear specifications are becoming increasingly stringent and difficult to sustain. Hence the request of footwear companies and not just them to remedy a whole series of new technical and regulatory problems. Hawai responds with the new COMPOSITO plastic eyelets that, in addition to satisfying important production needs, meet the new need to transform the safety shoe into an article that also looks at the important aesthetic content.
Thanks to the use of a special material combined with the technologies implemented by Hawaii Italia, the new eyelet can be applied cold with eyeletting machines.
In terms of production, the advantages offered by this application system are considerable: rapid assembly, consequent cost savings and precision in processing. Adding to all this the exclusive advantages of the composite material: the lightness and the possibility of personalising design and colour, then it is possible to obtain an almost revolutionary product.
Until now it was considered impossible to realise an application with plastic eyelets with automatic drilling machines: Hawai Italia has taken up this challenge and, by leveraging its vocation for innovation, mastery of materials and technologies, has managed to develop a product that represents an absolute novelty on the market.
The first step taken by Hawai Italia was the development of a plastic material capable of withstanding processing temperatures, at the same time guaranteeing total reliability. The second step was the implementation of a technology capable of exploiting it to the fullest. Also in this case the experience of Hawai Italia in the development of innovative production processes, in particular for the processing of plastic materials, made the difference.
Hawai eyelets offer a wide range of advanced items with different colours, fluo, transparencies, and more, and can finally guarantee an innovative and fashion design. And? anything that the footwear market requires today, a market to which Hawai has been able to respond efficiently.